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BA Deere
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"new math" won`t even get me to 200bu

...with ears like this.   It`s average 16X33 (being kind) and maybe 30,000 pop?   So, 16x33x30,000 dividend by 90,000 kernels in bushel is 176 bpa.     But, this is "good corn" no pineapples, no bottom leaf firing, good green, those driving by will say "Oh yeah, that`ll go 200!"  well I doubt it, the only improvement from here would be test weight.


But I am thankful and whatever I get is more than I deserve.   Haven`t sold any new crop, and glad I didn`t.   Won`t be surprised if prices go down the next 30 days, when combines roll is the story.




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Re: "new math" won`t even get me to 200bu

We are several inches below normal for rain for June/July, but seems like with the top soil/sub soil short and the root having to go so far down for moisture, there could be an issue with enough water in the soil for the plant to absorb the N that isn't that deep in the soil profile. 

 The plant still needs a lot of N after tassel.


If all our corn is only 20 bushels less than last year in Iowa( as latest USDA points out)...I have to wonder why guys spend so much on irrigation. We will all know soon enough. Trying to enjoy the last weeks of summer before harvest...always seem to go to fast.



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Re: "new math" won`t even get me to 200bu

I think my area is above normal precip for June-July, but it all came in about 3 hours last week. Still, appears our yields will be above-average, just not record nor trend.

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Re: "new math" won`t even get me to 200bu

BA - I did apply some "New" math and dang if your not right ! lol 


I have found over the years that 90 may be to high in some cases But that 85 is close to actual yield that would raise your yield to 186 and change .


One year - after said and done - it was closer to 82 - using that number gets to ONLY 193.17073 ! Sorry to hear about your crop failure : )))))


This is not good at all ! if you only make 186 to 193 - then here in Indiana will only make - if were lucky - 135 !


dang it - where did I leave my bottle : ))))


Have a good out there BA

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