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Mexico announced they will apply no sactions on Russia sactions, due to the fact they do not want crop inputs cut off.

Now....Russia uses a weapon that only a coward would use...and used near a school....a fuel air bomb....its not targeted...and are banned by international agreement ...thus a war crime.

""Russia is our friend""





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Re: ""Friends""

Last i checked we are still buying Russian crude so the Biden administration must consider them friends still......Maybe we will get clarification in tonights speech 

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Re: ""Friends""

Oil is apparently our largest import item from Russia -- it should be zero.


Some GDP comparisons, to roughly compare potential overall relative economic impact, & population comparison:

US gdp    20.94 trillion USD (2020), pop 329.5 million (2020)

Texas gdp $2.0 trillion (2021), pop 29 million (2019)

New York gdp  $1.751 trillion (2019), pop 8.419 million (2019)

Russia gdp  1.483 trillion USD (2020), pop 144.1 million (2020)

Jeff Bezos net worth  $183.5 billion, pop  1

Iowa gdp    169.53 billion USD (2020), pop 3.155 million (2019)

Ukraine gdp  155.6 billion USD (2020), pop 44.13 million (2020)




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Re: ""Friends""

UN - KNOWN  destination  is  real  clever ,  on  the  crude    -   &   keep  in  mind  the  hog  feed  that  was  imported  previously  to  US  as  we  were  professing  on  feeding  the  world  -  -  -



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Re: ""Friends""

I  am in favor of being energy independent.

I remember when we were held hostage by the arabs.

We need to be energy independent and energy diverse....yes biofuels, solar and wind is part of the mix.

Also take advantage of new technology...such as using wind generated power to make N.