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A guy who
I regard as one of the better broker/advisors out there describes the year as one of severe marketing regrets. Some gave up and sold early, many sold into the rally but were then too nervous to keep going at higher levels and tended to freeze as it fell. Few knocked it dead.


As far as taking responsibility for my own actions, I quite clearly mused here that I really should be getting something on for '17 but just lacked the courage to do it.


Selling a bounce when you already have a really good 20% on is always a lot easier than making the first one at those levels.


And so it goes.


A thought- can't imagine that I'm talking about 20 freaking 17.


Glad to be alive.



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Re: regrets

Well nox,,,,, 


It is a sad case when "glad to be alive" is the rallying cry...


And I see you posted that 10 hours ago.......   


Well, I am with you "Glad to be alive"


Hope your still with me...


Check in a little more often if ya don't mind...  and give us another couple of posts...


When I see ya make two in a row it makes me feel better about being forgetful...  🙂

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