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Re: Just curious

Yeah Red, didn't see the fundamental case on oil.


But since you're bashing me on a highly selective basis I'll point out that I made the best and most important call that's been on here in many years when I posted in lte summer 2014 that the Dollar Index had broken out through a 30 year downtrend line and it would have some pretty big impacts across multiple markets.


I made a bit of money on that but as I posted, let it get away from me and made the observation that is worth filing away- currencies mostly chop but when they trend, they really trend. I filed to execute that trde but did make good trades on the short side of several markets as everything felt the impact- hogs, cattle, juice, silver.


Sometime around back then you were welding the bins shut in order to cash in on the coming inflation caused by, I don't know, QE, Obama, whatever.


And if you're still miffed, fine. Somewhere in there I did post to you and others that you should check your ideology at the forum page because it isn't consistent to being a good listener in the market.







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