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small drive about

Went on a parts run yesterday and got a little carried away. Nice drizzling afternoon, so went on north into prime Iowa farm country up in the farm progress show area.  North of I80 very few unplanted fields.% wise. Most corn up nicely, quite a few  beans up..


Saw a number of corn on corn fields. Looks like regardless of conjecture earlier, farmers in Iowa plant corn... and quite a lot of it to boot.


Fields were very wet, but as we didn't get north of hiway 30 and north central Iowa had more rain we didn't see any ponding. 


South central Iowa is where the wetness has delayed planting....mainly beans. Personally I'm only 20% planted on beans, going to take a better forecast than we currently have to increase that much before end of this month. Others with upland ground are finding wet spots everywhere, some in New places.

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