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Senior Advisor

snoopy hang on !

Well this one has me. Dtn story on farmland
reits. I guess its nothing new, but pushing
Low commodity prices high input prices, the
Possibility of lower land values...

I would sure like to hear the logic in
Their sales pitch

Even worse.....we are now getting loans
from farmer Mac!

Ah, didn't this kind of happen a few years
Ago in the housing market?

A stock company that is leveraged, who
Prime asset is their stock value, getting a loan
To buy even more ground that could have
A net cash flow......

Any wonder the commodities are nuts


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Senior Contributor

Re: snoopy hang on !

Is it the beginning of the forth quarter?
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Veteran Advisor

Re: snoopy hang on !

No its the end of the turd quarter!
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Re: snoopy hang on !

Purdy nice milk prices, though.


Beef and pork aren't too shabby yet, either.

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Honored Advisor

Re: snoopy hang on !

The song is "Hang on Sloopy"......not Snoopy.     Unless you are in to gossip  (snoopy).......or risk falling off the top of your dog house.   Smiley Wink

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Senior Advisor

Re: snoopy hang on !

See what happens when your hearing gets
Bad, but on the "oldies " channel this past
Weekend, it sure sounded like snoppy.
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