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Re: so what is trend........

One thing I read makes sense, the larger the acreage the smaller % needed for silage, unless you have filled a pit. One yr it took 11 acres one year 64. Dry years have double the need, ten times the abandonment. We won't see it though in the report until next September
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Re: so what is trend........

in our area, pastures are being torn up, crp is torn up, fence rows and hedge rows are coming out, you can gain 1% in acres just in farmers ripping up patches of prairie around fields, and cleaning up fence rows,  these won't necessarily add to ave yield, but will add to total bu. grown.  Insurance pays better for corn than they can get for pasture rent.


acres intended for silage will increase this year due to the lack of forage, most of these acres will be registered as corn acres and insured, but will be chopped.  we are going to be on zero on available forage this summer, and anyone with cattle is looking at doing what is necessary to keep their herds.


I quit chopping corn a few years ago and fed wet distillers and crqp roughage.  than distillers was cheaper per lb dry matter than corn, and we balanced rations  using the ddg as energy source.  now it is too expensive for that and we balance on protein and feed less of it, but now need to come in with another quality feed.  In my situation, I just flat need the tonnage when the alfalfa won't ton out, and I need all my stalks for grazing.

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