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sooo....the wheat is made ?

had some wild weather around last night.......but in the big scale of things, would be a small area.......but

on the large scale......ksu is going nuts over i called to find out how much it would cost........

the locals will only use air, not ground........and about $22.50 an we start with a long dry spell, and

we have not got that much rain in this dry area......what wasn't looking that you want us to

spend even more money........


one of the chemical fellows said that everyone is really unhappy about having to spend more money on this

loosing crop......but they have so much invested, they have to do it, to save any production.......


at todays current price it is almost 6 bushels to figure out how much bushels the seed,

fertilizer, chemical cost you....then insurance and harvest...........


will there be any bushels left ?



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Re: sooo....the wheat is made ?

spray it with glyphosate and put the crop, and yourself, out of it's misery

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Re: sooo....the wheat is made ?

can empathise with you about the cost. starting in 1993 when we recieved multiple mega rain events quality went downhill but of course the chem companies had a "cure"!  Expensive yes but very well worth it was their pitch. altho if it didnt work as advertised it wasnt the product but the way it was applied. Lots of excuses like it was too hot or too cold,too humid or too dry,not enuf water to apply it or whatever.....

when the patents ran out the price came down and with wheat at all time highs we did spray but now its not worth it......gotta love the chem reps line telling us that with lower prices you have to producemore to break even! more bushels isnt the answer we need a better price!

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Re: sooo....the wheat is made ?

$22, you're getting a dry raping. I aerial sprayed every acre of mine for $9.00.  That included application and chemical.  It is only a curative and lasts approximately 30 days according to the crop consultant, but within another 30 days we'll be close to harvest, nearly 100% headed already but what isn't headed will be by weeks end.

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