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steady as she goes

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how is everyone doing .......with this bumper crop  Smiley Very Happy

Hope things going as good as they can, and we don't have any accidents...or major breakdowns......keep checking those oil levels,

water, and greese those safts and bearings......we can't afford any break downs this year !!!


I hope things are going better for SW inc, along with hobby harvesting that popcorn, along BA cutting that corn they use in the

oriental cooking, those little pickled corn ears, can't remember who was harvesting the soybean bb's.


we have a chance of rain sunday/Monday, maybe, maybe 1/2 inch but I don't know what good that will do.

the general mood in this area is becoming rather sour.


i'm busy beening nurse, cook, physical therapist, lab person, and consulting doctor.........but I think we are gaining, and maybe by

midweek we will be released, and I can put care plan b into place.

but been getting calls, people just talking.....I'm worried about us, but had a couple of calls that are bad......young kid had $400,000

out on the books....and things don't look good, and crop insurance just about equals input costs.....he asked me what would I do.......

I tried to make things lighter, saying "pack my speedo's and head to California".........but said at least you'll break even right.......

he said yes.....I told him he did good already, as far as everything else I don't really know.  I joking said there are plenty of

deer and turkey around this year.....he's worried that they are going to have a kid in about 5 or 6 months, and insurance is a 

killer....and with a baby you dang near need something......and i'm told figure a minium of 10% in insurance cost this coming year

(and why I will not go into hear, down in the sandbox is a more apporiate place).  from my research........if your both in good shape,

don't have anything wrong with you, and saddled with pre-exisiting conditions, so they can stuff, there is one medi-share that isn't

too bad......first, $1,000,000 annual "share", compaired to others with $200,000 (think insurance cap), they also have linked up

with a subsidiary of mediapartner's, which process and does the price cutting.......many of the big insurance companys use the

company....boils down to this....with this outfit, your office call is $35, until you meet your "share" (read deduction), then it

is "covered". same with labs, xray, hospitals, get the "preferred" price, saving you 30 to 70% right there.

only thing I don't like about it for them, just in case you have to use air ambulance (think preme), it's a bit weak there.

would save them about half.


As sergeant Phil Esterhaus on "Hill Street Blues" would say  ""Hey, let's be cafeful out there""



((wouldn't it been interesting if Hill street was set in Washington D.C......might have been even more interesting story lines))




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Re: steady as she goes

1.19" here in South Podunk Country.


Pastures needed it desperately, hay ground here was one and done.


High % of beans are colored or beyond. Corn lost green thurs and Fri in the 90° heat and 20 mph breeze.


We we in a D3 drought here. Lots of trees are losing leaves and turning color. Way too early for them here.


Then to answer or add onto cheapies thread.

Yep your favorite politicians and their Affordable Health-care act. Isn't.  


Iowa is the poster child for get the politics out of our lives. No healthcare insurance here for self employed people here at any cost as it stands now. One company has floated a lead balloon of a 67% increase. My single policy now is a little over $1000 a month now, I'm NOT going to pay $1700 a month for a $13,000 copay policy.


Maybe I'll have to move to Kansas?


Just have to play a little Russian Roulette till I'm able to get on the Medicare train. 


I have spent the last seven days finishing cleaning up a field full of brush piles that had been burnt several years ago, five days of spreading dirt and picking up sticks and logs out of them, started with 6' tall weeds and huge dirt piles, ended with something that you could plant lettuce in.


About 185 gal of fuel in the 8520t and 60 gal in the little dozer.

 Nice rain on it in the night, couldn't walk in it very well, too soft. That 596 case disc with 26" blades did the number on it.  25/30 more acres of virgin never before ever farmed river bottom ready to go next year. 

I'm not giving the profit from it to an extortionist insurance company, liberalism at its best here in Ioway, Affordable health care my a$$. 



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Re: steady as she goes

All of this healthcare talk from politicians is a joke.  Pharma owns congress, insulin for a diabetic  and supplies over $50,000 a year, most new cancer drugs $150,000 to $750,000  a year.  Don't matter which insurance plan you use, those costs are destroying healthcare.  Congress passes laws that protect pharma from generic competition and makes sure no American can buy the drugs much cheaper from another country. Medicare doesn't negotiate for discounts(can you imagine the largest farmer in the country paying top retail price for seed?)   I am sure they want medical marijuana regulated so they can get a piece of that pie too.  Congress in no way shape or form represents most Americans today. Nothing for care to exceed a million dollars a year for several patients.  Why do you think hospitals look like spas these days. The doctors that aren't taking payments from the drug companies are speaking out, but what are their chances of stopping the floodwaters of greed?

Grassley has been senator from Iowa for decades.  His speeches are the same has 40 years ago...when the deficit was in the billions  he and Harkin wrote that they had to balance the budget and stop the spending or it would ruin our country...gosh, they should fire themselves for gross negligence. Oh, yes, he was going to stop abortions, etc...   Look in the mirror, we are all stupid for putting up with this crap, myself included.  If anyone thinks either party cares jack squat about them, I admire your innocence. 


We picked up a nice rain, good thing since beans were being combined at 7%, guys are pretty quiet on yields.  Spin that anyway you want. But I will give you that having beans at 12%, versus 7% is a bump up in yield. Corn basis has been improving the last two weeks, don't expect that to last.