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Re: substitute the word "grain" for "gold"?



I've enjoyed reading your posts. I read them all, just don't often feel like I have much new to contribute.


When faced with uncertainty, folks tend to look at past experiance to lead them. For many in ag, that means looking at the 1980's after observing firsthand what the North Sea did to our first taste of a Malthusian Boom.


For me, I just can't shake the experiance of Mexico in 1994. The peso fell in half each and every day as Mexico tried to import stuff its people wanted. The rest of the world wasn't willing to send them goods unless Mexicans sent them something of equal value back. Mexico just didn't add much value to the world at the time.


Today I REALLY question what value America adds to the world. We've bailed out promiscous consumption, we taken "creative destruction" out of capitalism, we punish nobody for poor financial decisions, and in my view, the inevitable correction must be equal to and opposite of the intervention itself. I don't know which 'flation that takes us to, but I suspect people will be eating out of dumpsters enmasse.


My goal is to live in a resource rich (exporting) area, at least a half a tank of gas away from organized thugs and invest heavily in assets utterly hated during post-war America.


In late 2008, early 2009, the demand for rentals in tiny towns in rural USA exploded. For the first time folks couldn't move away if they wanted to.... there just wasn't anywhere better for graduates to go. We always have wood to chop, a garden to grow, a fence to fix, a grain cart to drive etc.


Its really hard to find good cash flow investments outside of farmland, and I refuse to put a penny into suburbia cuz I reckon its going into a Detroit-style down trend. On the other hand its easy to find things to horde. Glyphosate and solar panels are no-brainers at these levels.



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