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sure payments

when do sure payments begin?

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p-oed Farmer
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Re: sure payments

Sure pmt's were to begin last winter...... but a lot of them have not been processed by FSA...... To many things to do and not enough people to do it...... My advice (For what it worth......:~).....) is a friendly phone call every couple of weeks to see how they are coming....... There are a lot of $$$$$ sitting out there for a lot of farmers that I would guess that they have no idea they have it coming...... p-oed

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Veteran Contributor

Re: sure payments

Well, looks like the program was so poorly written than there are some farmers who did get payments who will be asked to refund some or most of the money.  So I would guess they are delaying processing any more to avoid having to go back and collect money that would later have to be refunded.

A side note, some farmers in central IA are reporting 7-9 inches of rain in the last 8 days.   Doesn't matter in the big picture, but 1000's of acres of bottoms that had a chance to yield something, will most likely see that potential reduced to very low yields now.  Rain predicted most days for the next two weeks...guess we will get good at mudding out the crop again.  Small area in the big picture....not a market mover...just an observation.

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