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the end must be near

Talking about low prices.


ALL the bears are pumped up with low ball predictions


Just a year and a half ago the bulls were likewise all in the sky's the limit camp


With this much enthusiasm on the negative side, can the bottom be far away?


Could be a bumpy ride for another year, next year after a crash can also be a large production year.



The financials will not allow it to continue indefinitely, ma nature also has a say in it too.


I firmly believe the last few years were an outliner time. 


A perfect storm so to speak, between less than ideal weather world wide, increasing population, and the printing of paper money,  the farm economy bonanza was an unintended beneficiary. 


This is nothing new, just been awhile. 




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Re: the end must be near

Hobby, we are not to zero yet! We might have to pay them to take it.

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