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Re: the euro

Patriot thanks for calling me out on the big vs. small thing!  I really try not to fall into that camp.  I was speaking in generalities to be sure there are many small farms that have gone out also. And debt is something I manage as well..  Rising interest rates are something I wonder over also that is why for two years now as much as I can I have put everything into a fixed category, however I can't put my operating noter into that.  Hence my point about larger farms being at greater risk.  When the interest rates blossom from here(probably after the next fed meeting) it is not going to come back down. Then managing that may be the largewt headache we all willl have to deal with. Most bankers have told me large farms will carry a higher debt load per cow than a small dairy.  Banks generally have two sets of rules for tha small vs. big. 

Sorry I didn;t respond sooner had a pretty busy day yesterday.  JR

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