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the next financial crisis

seems to be coming into view with a distinctly Back to the Future 90s look to it.


A few $T borrowed outside the US in dollar denomination sets the table for a huge synthetic short squeeze.


Still SWAGging that we may have done all we're going to do for the near term and things will get uneasily stable for a few weeks until close to the election or after.


I suspect that if the GOP takes the seante it will commence immediately.


As far as the envirinment for the cropping business, even if comms are deeply in the tank I think it is possible that the government will be so divided that they'll be unable to do another bailout until after the '16 election, if then.

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Re: the next financial crisis

There will be nothing done by Congress, like there is nothing done now, because the blame game needs problems to pin on the 'other guy'. We elect them.

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Re: the next financial crisis

Don't worry Goldman's got you back
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