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Re: time to start....

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At $8.50 somebody can have it all(Corn)
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Re: time to start....

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Boy Tiger them maps don't look good for the boys out West !  After much study , here's my finding's !


I looks like the Temps are going to be up pretty good in Iowa ! and above norm , precip. , heat and mositure will keep the rains falling in Iowa , MN ,WS , and the eastern parts on the Dakota's .


For Iowa that means the Faust and Hobby will be getting washed away , i won't be surprized to read that Hobby isosting a Pro bass Event in his bottoms along with building a new lake = Lake Hobby !


As for John , with his 10 thousand miles of new tile , his will dry out in early June and will just make the final planting date on beans - just to burn up in July .


Mo. ? The show me state , will be saying too the insurance company -- show me the money .


MN , WS , Late planting dates from record rain , finally get planted , but an early frost hit's them hard .


Same for the Dakota's


Indiana get's a great start with alittle dry and heat spell , but over all has a good  crop.


Ohio will join the I states - there new state name will be I -Hi-O  And the Big 3 will be changed to the Big 4 corn conference .


Hope this helps