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trump ag budget

all i can say is wow! turning his back on the very people that were with him from the start! His reasoning is that these saving will be spent on defense and the wall! Seriously?! How much more defense do we need!? we already have the most and best people killing machines ever built!
And the crop ins premiums coming out of your pocket are getting bigger! they are already big enough. if u were to pay the equivalent percentage on your house it is 10% of its value! $30,000 on a $300,000 home is not my idea of a bargain. i think ihear retirement calling.
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Re: trump ag budget

247.....I've also got something to say about Trump's
Budget......but I don't think ishmeal would
Allow me to print it.

Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

Something tells me that there will not be
Many posts on this....too many will be tending
Their wounds.
As the old saying goes, be careful what you wish
For, you may get it

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Re: trump ag budget

I have no problem with the changes Trump proposed.  


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Re: trump ag budget

I'm sorry but I do
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Re: trump ag budget

no problem here.  just don't stop with ag.

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Re: trump ag budget

I agree we need to cut in many places in addition to ag.

Markets might be pretty interesting as we cut gov subsidies.


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Re: trump ag budget

I am fine with this. The reason that I'm fine with this is because extremely large and wealthy farming operations are getting tax dollars in the form of subsidies. A prime example of this is my state's largest grain operation that took in over $1.3 million in subsidies between the years of 2003 and 2005, a time when the average wage in Michigan was $48,000. That example made the non-farming public angry and unsympathetic toward area farms. If crop insurance and subsidies were gone tomorrow, true capitalism would kick in. It might take a couple years, but prices would move higher because less crops would be planted.

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Re: trump ag budget

I can agree that the caps should be lowered......but the idea of getting rid of everthing, sounds good in the coffee shop, but

it you study it, would be a disaster for rural America...first, many farmers were not be able to get finance, and some of those

sources of money would dry up fast, this would have a domino effect thru the small rural economys.  the only thing left would be

the big operators that have old family money,  it would be almost impossible for people to get started.  The idea that things

would go down in price would not really be true, land prices would perhaps go down some, but there is a limit, as for inputs, there

would still be seed and fert and chem needed, and just because there would be fewer people buying, doesn't mean the companys

are going to get any cheaper, they are going to make so much and that's it.

for those who want to do away with the crop insurance program, and want to do away with the farm programs, need

to talk to an ag banker....and not one that deals with the "family money" farmers.......also might want to talk to deere and

case ih.

also, one of the ways to help get the production down, the crp program, they don't like that either.


what really make my blood just boil is those that think we have to cut, we need to have all out things cut, we must start to do this,

YET, other groups, and the rich, will be the one's that benefit.......that just does not set with me....


I think it Is frankly dumb, to cut the food stamp program, say what you want, sure there are problems at different places, but the bottom

line, it feeds a lot of americans, young and old, who would otherwise have no food......if you advocate that, than my friend, you

have far more point to people buying stuff with them in the stores, those that have tobacco products and booze in

their buggy, pay cash for that, and use the food stamps for food.........but it isn't the kids doing that, and in our local store, I see old

people that use them.  if you have a problem with just meet up with the right person that will tell you in certain

terms, and use words you will understand, how dead wrong you are.


trump wants to cut everything to build a wall, and buy weapons........first, if we would fallow the rules we have, people coming over

the wall would be a small problem.......and weapons........the profits and cost overruns in making weapons is just plain terrible......

you thought the medical system was out of control.......imagine the weapons industry.......there is no competition.......

remember what IKE said ?

every one of those missle we shot off here a while back.....all 52 of them, cost was almost 60 million dollars........that is

plain many people would that have feed ? 

then this deal on fixing things up......he wants to join with the private sector.......what is that.....building toll roads, etc,

and other things.......not so long ago, we were fighting a wind power group wanting to build a commercial powerline.......

they were given (private, and partly owned by a foregin company), to use powers to force you to sell them your land at

their price.......that is what will happen someone will make money off of your land  (((oh well coop already does that)))

then we get to the energy policy (or lack there of).....explain to me this......a price of oil is low now...due to ample supply, we

now want to build a pipeline (complete it), and then open up drilling on public lands, and drill drill drill, and all this

stuff to produce even more oil.......why ???   why open up even more oil reserves when oil is $50 a barrel ????

if you put even more oil on the market....oil should go even lower, and that will kill the oil industry......owners of oil wells

make nothing now...a friend of mine has several oil wells pumping....they got their check last month...$27.


yet we want to produce even MORE oil.



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Re: trump ag budget

Don't get your panties in a wad. You really think any of those changes will actually take effect. It's a framework for a shot across the bow.

Take home point. He wants to throttle back huge payments and cleanup snap.

If you are surviving off the farm bill you need to make some serious changes to your operation. I consider any farm bill money as a bonus not a receivable. While many where getting $80/acre arc payments, I was getting zero because the farm bill is and always will be rigged for I states.
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Re: trump ag budget

Everything I have read and heard from Congressmen and Senators opposed almost every cut in Trump's budget.  I doubt he gets many of these cuts to stick.  It's too bad....because this is exactly what the country needs.