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trying to learn

well still trying to get over the throwing in some steroids...and got out my nebulizer, incase i need to take a treatment.

I have asthma, but don't act up much, but every once in a while it wants some attention,

so, i'm up running around on the computer tonight.......i know i need to get smarter (hey, better late than never !), i understand

the production side....interesting, the extension service put on a class, that i didn't get to go to, didn't want to spread my disease around,

and didn't feel like going anyway....but, fertilizer management and application rates in current economic conditions.....they did

the same on herbicides.......

equipment management.....simple.......fix what ya got, if something is wearing out start watching for a good deal....and hang

the new tractor calander right by the "swimsuit" one out in the like the looks of both........but you know you'll

never get one !!


marketing.......amazing thing, i've seen alot of  program on "investment"........they say never try to pick the high or low in a

market, at it is almost impossible....rather we should do "cost averaging", put so much in each know i have

a question on that......we know when most folks get paid...and the money comes out as a deduction, and thusly the funds

buy stock....has anyone noted a "trend" when the "money is entering the market"....i would contend it would go up slightly

when this happens, know there are "buyers" in the market.....


anyhow......back to subject.....a couple of questions, looking at the commentment of traders data (one of my new hot links, the

market people talk about it so figure i should look at it)....they have a colum of "spreads"....what/how, i know people will buy

one thing, sell another, and call it a spread....and i'm still going thru that logic...but didn't know if they have to rigister them

that way way.......also, which one are the 'funds" ???


the other things.......charts......what and where does everyone get their charts ?  any programs that you use to help figure out

what you are looking at ?  i understand a trend...higher high, lower lower, and the stocastics.....but flags......candles, oscliators........



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Re: trying to learn

Don't worry.  Buy high, sell low.  Doesn't need much education.


No matter what anyone says, timing is part of marketing.  I like seasonals.  Sell futures in the spring.  Maybe forward sell cash.  Buy back futures in the fall.  Deliver cash.  But, I have it easy.  I am not in any farm programs so I dont' have to figure in crop insurance (government puts) and all that stuff.  Makes life simpler.


Fundamentals by themselves will eventually come to pass, but people say the market can be wrong longer than your money holds out.  I've never understood charts but stochastics seem to get a lot of press.


Long term, most years you can sell in the spring and make it work.  Short term, it's hard for me to beat the market.


Good luck.