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two maps I have been saving for some time


From just a few years back------ showing the locations of ethanol plants and the location of corn production by bushels per acre.


It seems appropriate for this month.

 Notice where the highest yield corn is produced.....

1) From the waters of the Columbia River in Washington State

2) From the waters of the San Joaquin River in California

3) the Snake River in Idaho

4) the water from the Ogallala aquifer here in the SW

5) the water of the Lower Mississippi

6) locations on the Missouri, Yellowstone

7) And the Platte,  how amazing is the Platte, not only providing high yields, but a bulk of corn that is hard to it feeds the northern and strongest portion of the Ogallala....


In recent days The EPA has sent a terrible lot of contamination down the river systems west of the divide into lake Powell and on to Lake Meade...... the water sources for millions in several metropolitan areas.....

Would it be ignored on these blogs if it were the Missouri, or the Platte................?.


Just a thought about how well off we are with the EPA controlling our environment....


And an example of the concern I have when USDA controls agriculture information.......




I keep these for a few other reasons..... notice the locations of ethanol production..........

A friend of mine tells me that Iowa consumes its production now.  Nothing left to export

This second map shows me how much we depend on the Platte and the rapidly depleting Ogallala....

Will there be a warning when we are in production trouble.??...  Will we see the waters of a river turn yellow on it's way to our water supply??  Or will we just pretend the water wasn't yellow like there wasn't a drought ??  Or like EPA misled the heavy metal content in the Animos river...................

I keep reminding ,,,,,,,,, we use 90+% of our "expected" production.... and I am quite sure "yield trend" was coined to promote the federal investment in biofuels,  not to guarantee the future.




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Re: two maps I have been saving for some time

well if we use 90% of what we are producing, why is the final disposition so critical ?  (ie what the market keeps talking

about ?)


only disagreement is that not all the etoh plants run on corn, i think the one, or maybe second closest one, depending

on where i measure from, uses almost all milo.  they claim milo is more efficiant.


i suspect with energy prices so low, some question etoh.  overall it is a good program.....remember how everyone was

saying how "using food for energy", would drive up food prices.........



well......lets go back a couple of months.......have the cost of food went down since then ?  has the cost of commodities

when down ?  what effect has all the stills had ?


doesn't quite add up does it kid



too much for this mind to digest tonight, think i'll open up a fresh jar of sprinkles.


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