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unbelievable weather!

After an incredibly wet july we were greeted with 2.75" this past wednesday.  now we will have some yield issues because lots of canola is grown here and if it isnt windrowed when it starts turning color it will shell out! And thats what will happen very soon especially with hot temps that are comingnext week. The ground wont support a windrower and now that the crop is ripening it isnt pulling any water out either!  Bad situation!  in all the years i have farmed ive never had a crop failure but there is always a first time. we need to have the dry cycle start that was predicted to happen for the past 9 months! Wheat is standing in water and ripening as well but it wont shell out at least not in the short term? send sun and wind our way if you can 🌞☀️☀️☀️☀️

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