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Re: updated sales.......

Everything you have said is soooooo true Ken.  I have to admit my weekness in commodities has been fundementals and I am shoring it up if you clearly see where I can hang with the experts or the self proclaimed experts.  There are technical marketeers and there are fundemental marketeers, I have the technical now lets try the fundemental.  Remember what Soros and Kermit says about the theory of Reflexivity ( I do miss reading him in the other group).  Look at how the deep fundementals in the Ethanol business changed during december, people that heeded my warning would be so much more served.  Just as the fundementals changed in the last week in August you must notices those changes before the rest of the  traders do.  I hope you can understand what I am getting at.  Plus I have a nack at seeing people as they are and not how they or others think they are,  character flaw on my part I can't seem the change. 


I guess I am going to sit on my bearish stance until the summer of 2013 and see how the market will shake out.



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