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updated shipments........

it appears we have now pulled ahead on shipments and sales..........if it holds true we will surpass USDA projections.......which will likely be accounted for somewhere........I know I know.........I must be wrong cause the numbers look bullish for corn and wheat.......and with wheat pulling ahead of corn on the BOT........well it could get interesting..........soya, well not sure what to think I guess..........


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corn all kinds of bearish fundamentals-make that farmer sell now!

china corn production was upped to 191.75 million tonnes. That is a large increase over USDA’s 184.5 mt estimate (285million bushels!) ...Average of 13.2 M Bu of corn export sales per week the past six weeks is the lowest pace during this time frame in over twenty years...informa came out with a huge global corn production increase today...have a great week you'all!!
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Re: corn all kinds of bearish fundamentals-make that farmer sell now!

Sand and vbuck, with your projections, should us corn growers be making the case for an increase in the ethanol blend( lets up it from 10% to 12%) for gasoline?   Sounds like we have over produced again even though we came in well under what was needed.  I mean it is only fair.  Since this summer many were saying ethanol was fair game to cut if we needed to ration supply.   Just trying to play by your rules.







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Re: updated shipments........

Thing is back on the July report the USDA was projecting exports at 1.9B bushels with an average cash price of $5.50 - 6.50.  By September they dropped to 1.65B bushels with a price of $6.50 to 7.50.  Most recently they were at 1.6B bushels with the price at $6.20 to 7.20.  I don't know where to find the average cash price so far as of today but I suspect it is near the lower end of the range suggesting exports would come in above 1.6B bushels.  As always there is danger in trying to read too much into a report that may change substantially in a few days.

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