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Re: Crunchy

I to do not post that often on here but I read everyone else's posts pretty much daily. My wife has a family farm in Southern Indiana about 30 minutes North of Louisville, KY, we drove down there on the 4th and stayed until yesterday. We live in Northern Indiana LaPorte County on the Michigan line.


At about Indy on 65 on way south it turns really dry, lots of pineapple corn etc. At Seymour Indiana we got off I65 and went cross country to Washington County, the corn fields are white hardly any green in many. Same in Washington Co, Lawrence Co, Orange Co, Harrison and Floyd also. Saturday it was a record 108 degrees, with heat index over 120. Had been over 100 for about 10 days.

I dont see that any amount of rain will save that corn, its mostly a "no crop" to maybe 25 bushels or so at best .The farmer that rents my wifes families farm had been to his sister over by Effingham, Il and said they were discing down a whole lot of  corn as a lost cause and hoping for a rain to drill beans.


Right now not a whole lot better up here either. If you take just half of the projected corn crop from Illinois and Indiana alone, where does that put the final numbers.

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Re: Crunchy

thanks for the input.  I have a friend around indy that says nw of him is better but south is bad.

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