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Senior Advisor

wayta go, Jerry

seriously, I commend.

Simply said that, yeah, the Fed sees some price pressure in the pipeline and we're watching it. Might do something down the road.

The upshot- the 10 yr. shot back over 1.5, stocks tanked and the dollar is firming.

An excellent time to not give the bawlin' Wall Street pail calves an extra shot of replacer. A 92-93 DX, a 2% 10 yr. and an 11K Naz (back to where it was in 11/1/20) ain't the end of the world. 

Just keeps 'em from having to deal with an even bigger bubble somewhere down the road.

BTW, as I noted over at Business, even a 3% 10 yr isn;t going to hurt the real economy much. Just the valuations of some financial assets and housing that are getting overheated anyway.

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