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Re: Why do you blame OBama for the poor wage rates

 It's a cold night when you see the racoon wander around your back yard in the moonlight.   Even though he can fend for himself you set a few morsels of food out just to be nice to the wildlife.  The next night about the same time racoon wanders thru the yard again, this time closer to the house.  Since you like viewing natures nocturnals you again set out some old leftovers.  What can it hurt?  On the third night he approaches, this time looking at the sliding patio door you step out of to set out morsels for it to eat.  You think OK enough of this but by then he is clawing on the glass of the door.

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Ah yes......a racoon on welfare.  I would think that he w...

Ah yes......a racoon on welfare.  I would think that he would vote for Obama too.    Romney would've made him work a little for his food.

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We are all taxpayers Red

Of one type or another. In nothing more than sales taxes, or real estate taxes whether owned or rented, SS and Fica taxes. And no all taxpayers did not vote for Romney.

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Re: Yes I expect to pay taxes

I don't believe I ever addressed you personally. You are having an argument with yourself!

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tom s. in tn.
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Re: TAKE AWAY from the election

🙂  Same here and I never thought I'd ever look forward to credit card solicitations at supper time  🙂

Tom S. in Tn.

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