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Re: well we had the video.......then the the word.......

mt - marketing genius - yes.


politics - borderline extremist.


ego - yes. - but until you can prove that your better, well......  talk the talk and walk the walk.


tolerence for stupidty:  absoutely none.


as far as having called the markets better than anybody, absolutely. 


I am truly amazed at the hindsight folks have now; foresight is what matters. 


been following mt posts closely for a long time, and  nobody comes close to calling the macro's like mt.  That I respect.


he calls it the way he sees it - nothing wrong with that mt.


folks that don't like his posts don't  have to read them.  I choose to read his posts including the political posts - which I find appalling but so what.


MT can back up what he says - on markets; so until somebody can call the markets better, than ya better listen carefully.  he may talk smack, but he backs it up everytime.  


go take another look at nat marketing - since mt left, it has very little value; debate and argument is how you get to the essence of a position.  even politics do better with healthy debate - all we have in polictics is worthless soundbites..........


politics ... i will listen to Pal. and krafty.





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Re: well we had the video.......then the the word.......



Thanks for that input, appreciated.

I have only one thing I will disagree with--------------the idea that tax policy has anything to do with the concentration of wealth.

I have heard that from political hacks for years, but as an accountant I have never seen any evidence of it.  It is usually just a opening statement for a class envy promoter.


Consider this statement------I think it fits better------- The concentration of wealth is directly related to government regulatory policy.

For a variety of reasons, but the first, simplest, and most obvious is that small business(generally owned by lower income individuals) cannot afford the waterfall of paperwork and expensive miniutia government agencies thrive on.  And deep pockets can afford to deal with it.  If small business fails-------------it is just a few less businesses to regulate---- work load reduced.  Deep pocket, well funded companies will even write the policy for the regulators to help this concentration of wealth and power along.



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Re: well we had the video.......then the the word.......

sw - i agree it is more complex than just income tax rates and that regulations are part of it.  But, i have neighbors who make a lot more than i do taxed at 15% when I am taxed at 35% - defies logic. 


local plumber with family of 4 pays taxes on first 100K of about 21K.


financial guy with same family of 4 pay taxes on first 100k of only 600 dollars in total - I will track the cite down if you want it.


that is tax unfairness.


but there is numerous problems of inequity that need to be addressed in our regs.

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Re: well we had the video.......then the the word.......

Don't get me wrong I read your posts for validation of my own thoughts. I have marketed grain & livestock for the last 30 years spent  a quarter of million dollars (not a large sum by todays standards) on grain storage upgrades for the then predicted commodity inflation. For me the ah ha point was 9/11/2001. that was the game changer for all of us as a nation. I don't think we can ever fully recover as a democracy. Have not heard one word about repealing the patriot act, the idea guaranteed by the constitution that everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

That said, just like any market advisor if you had the holy grail for marketing, why farm or post here with us smoes. They make yaughts a football field long and warmer climates with all the enimities for enjoying life. Until you disappear to that yaught, I will still read your posts for validation, but a grain of salt is also required. Oh... and while I am at it you should start charging for your services like timethetipping point does i think it is $250 a pop. He predicted total economic collapse because of Y2K meltdown. Probably why he has so much tax liability.

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Re: well we had the video.......then the the word.......

"Economic collapse of Y2K meltdown"??????

I am dieing to hear this...........

Dot com bubble yes.......Y2K.......really????.....and anyone with a brain saw that coming.......companies with no addresses and P/E that were 1000x times .02 earnings.......shocker......

And I think I posted some thoughts about the 90's and the rapid rate of expansion and excess........

Also, according to some, you are not supposed to have a football field length yacht.......or charge for services.........its not FAIR to others........capatilism is BAD........we should pay all our hard earned money to the government so they can spend it on worthless shat and more entitlements.......
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