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well @!$%

what is the bets on the opening calls tuesday morning ?  down how real news to make things better, everyone commming back...want to make money, so lets just keep beating the market down since there is no reason for it to go up,

more and more big crops...crop is now comming in, so we should see things starting to fall, and since all three is weak,

they will all go down (wheat, corn, soybeans).

wheat is going in the ground........usually you have a rally to encouge people to plant......guess they don't want us to plant,

since it keeps dropping......our crop scout SW, took a look and didn't find everything wonderful.....but this is kansas

you know..we don't count.

just can't figure it out anymore....used to be that if everyone is leaning one way, it would flip, but i think the new systems

are so strongly embeded, that will not work. used to be when the buss boys and waiters at the white table cloth cafe's

in chicagoland, were talking about a market, things would flip....everyone knows how low things are, but nobody

feels there is a problem.....

someone has brainwashed everyone to believe the market it right.....but when it is being taken advantage of and being

used as "investment", rather than value seeking", that whole notion is gone.


what do we do when we are at or below cost of production ?


are they telling us, hey, don't plant anything ????  if they are offering all of us a price lower than production, i guess they

are telling all of don't plant that would be a different world if the us had no production

for a year.....but that is what the market is's nuts !!!!


my question....has advisors, commodity groups....whatever, told any farmers NOT to plant this fall

or next spring ?


no............wouldn't be in their best interest.......


any elevator operator told you not to plant anything.........and most also sell fertilizer........i had one say the other day when

i wan't happy say....."well you got to plant something, that's the only way you'll have a chance to make anything"........


spoken like a true friend........make sure you do something so i make some money, even if it costs me.


ok.......i'll say it, i think we need to bring back the set aside program........knock the production down.......but you'll

hear everyone holler how that will hurt the question.......who's economy ?


let's start small........5 or 10 percent.......


we are all told that it is a over supply let's fix it.......but must be everyone do it.......otherwise we'll

have some wise acres say, i'm not going to, and i'm going to produce all i can to make more when the price goes up

since you fellows cut production.



ok........start throwing the tomatoes........but please, i ask they be ripe, not green, and not rotten either.


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Re: well @!$%

All you are going to get are a bunch of replies that it has been tried before, failed and will never work.  This is becase we have become chicken$!%&, spineless, complacent sheepeople who can't organize to save our lives.  They know that, therefore;  they know they can rape, pillage and steal our production and charge whatever they want for inputs and we will cave-in everytime.

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Re: well @!$%

North you are right! Look at the protest in other parts of the world, but here we just keep producing and wonder why we are working for nothing.
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Re: well @!$%

Well, I`ll play devil`s advocate there are some that will claim for every 5% in production that we cut that will entice hog and chicken outfits to import foreign grain into the Charleston ports.  I have a answer..tariffs, but no one wants to go there. We have a $700 billion trade deficit already we are losing the "trade war", we might as well actually fight instead of surrender as we have be doing.

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Re: well @!$%

You are saying things us geezers heard in the 50s. Not on the Internet of course but at rallies and meetings of organizations that were scoffed at by "conservatives" who called organizing and production pooling "Marxist" and "communist", which was a very effective ploy during the Cold War. Soooo....forward looking producers later formed at their own expense well participated in commodity organizations in order to lobby to improve our plight. These soon were taken over by agribusiness interests and our check off and contribution dollars went to fund public research that could be handed over to those interests (SEE: the development of glyphosphate at the U of Missouri and it ending up on the shelves at the Big M or the publicly funded development of a swine record keeping system at the U of Minnesota and the staff member there who ran off with it and went commercial with a product known as PigChamp. Those who remain (not enough bodies in any geographic area to make up much of a rally, or even a meeting) are captive inside of the Industrial Ag Complex. You are 50 years late to the party.
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Re: well @!$%

Couldnt agree more with set aside acres.....agribusiness was always against them no matter what years they were in forced

agribusiness does not care if you make money or not....they only want you tp produce more and more on both sides of the production equation. By that i mean more fertilzer,chem,fuel machinery to the other side which is the elevators,railroads,trucks,barges etc....

this has happened in the past in fact for more years than i care to 1976 then in 1981 and the pik program which lasted for years then the freedom to farm collapse of 1997 -2003 the past boom was an abhorration in my opinion because we had great crops and great prices at the same time!!! Unheard of!!   we had empathy from the general population back then i dont think they care anymore

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Re: well @!$%



Absolutely right,,, public has been fed the "rich farmer" picture.  The politics of envy and blame.


Public is not fed by farmers today, they are fed by politicians and the press these days...

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