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what would the motly fool say ?

Well gang, i'm looking elseware to start to make more money, and looking at the stock market ((hey i'm all ready

in the commodity market, in on form or the other))......but in the stock, they are showing positivie numbers.

if you thought commodities were bad with advisory services........we can name most of the advisory groups,

but in stocks, another bigger bunch..........


so i'm consider a couple of sources......the motly fool.....and some of jim cramer's work........

both have done fairly well.

much better than the local banks offerings of "mutal funds", by groupls i've never seen referenced....and slightly

better return than simple interest.


i'm tempted to write in and ask both.........what would be their take on the commodity market........


might be interesting..........

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Honored Advisor

Re: what would the motly fool say ?

Thought you were investing in a new dish wisher .

Good luck investing in the stock market while at all time highs.
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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: what would the motly fool say ?

yeah, my thoughts exactly about the timing.


I have divested most of my stock index holdings, getting the

safety of 3% returns elsewhere, and was thinking of pulling

out most of what I had left while the market is at the highs.

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