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when it rains it pours

Tends to be the way things work.


When markets are going up, all the news tends to be bullish until it finally runs out of gas. When they're bearish, it is a constant drip drip of bad news.


The dollar appears to be attempting another upleg. I have a tech objective of 104 on the DX but am more inclined to discount tht and assume that the Fed and other central banks will try to jawbone the buck on either end of a roughly 90-100 range.


Still, another temporary headwind for the commodities in general.


Still inclined to think that bean bulls are forced to cry uncle before corn/wheat bears are, but I wouldn't bet my life on it either way. But I'd recommend against playing any games with true hedges.

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Re: when it rains it pours

NO disrespect meant, but whenever the US govt. gets involved one should NEVER plan on a 'fair' shake.

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Re: when it rains it pours

Well stated Bob,


Welcome aboard.

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