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who didn't get the memo ?

agrimoney and others quoting several firms that we might have hit bottom in the wheat market (even something by SF to

that effect).....


wheat only down 11 cents right now



as a side crystal ball is saying in a week or so we should see basis get $1.10 to $1.20 under

(even tho good test weights and good protein)..............


why better basis after the first of the month ?


1. property taxes due

2. crop input notes due

3. harvest expenses due at fuel and parts places


thus no "selling pressure"


and the railroad still has not returned my calls or email, to find the cost to ship a railcar locally to terminal markets.


i guess that don't want it to get out how little the local elevators pay to move products......have to keep up images

that they are just in business to help you out.



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Re: who didn't get the memo ?

i saw the same article that wheat has bottomed then down it goes! 

i also saw the article that said the crop in ohio and michigan that said the corn and beans are hanging in there despite being dry.......take it from me i just went thru both states last week and the crop is crap! the beans are maybe a foot tall and very very patchy. corn is maybe 4' tall! had a freind that had corn seeded mid april in ohio then rained for a month then they mudded in beans and then the rain completely stopped! 

And here in NE ND it cant stop raining! lots of drown out and disease and with the humidity only getting worse with each day!

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