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who really owns the markets

Look up cme group on google, it will
Take you to a NASDAQ website where
It will you the top Investors.....Interesting
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Re: who really owns the markets

Mkts can make us feel helpless  but in fact NOI ONE owns the mkts.

Anyone taht thinks they do, soon is NO more, see HUNT brothers 1980.


Being large is a disadvantage. If I go shrot 6 WN, mkt accomodates me easily even if it was 50 WN,

but a 5 B$ fund taht wants shoirt SRW exposure, hs to PAY up, the mkt wull move 10 cents as he gets his

2000 contracts on,, that id 500$ per contarct. similar to paying a huge commission.


The mkt is the collective, we bug guys, commercials.


Mkts are about  hehavior, we need to do behavior analysis.

Old crop corn, a string of VERY high farm income yrs =s farmers whose brain imprint says HOLD some,

and they can afford teeh risk ,so farm hoilding is high relative toi ES,

which is  bearish. The old crop needs to mive and  bingo, all teh suddent it buts down.

IE next week >

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