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why raise milo ?

well most things done around here, except the milo..........15.7 to 16% moisture.........


the dockage would be about 25 cents a bu due to moisture


yet, they are going to put it on a big pile on the ground that is not covered at the current time.


yet, over $1.00 neg basis


plus most likly have to fight the sugar cane aphids.......with a minium of $20 acre for spraying...could be quite a bit more.


why ??????????



I guess for that matter........... why anything ??????????


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Re: why raise milo ?

No good answer.............from me.....


Except it is a fairly low cost crop to put in........ And in locations this year it will out proform irrigated corn.....


That is pretty much bad VS bad....

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Re: why raise milo ?

I guess for that matter........... why anything ??????????


I like your thinking elcheapo !  I say - lets load up the canoe - + the cooler with some ice cold Miller Lite and the fishing poles and lets float Big Blue today !  Heading to 78 to 80 - days like this are geting to the short rows !  


And IF you say ONE thing - JUST one thing about farming - grain prices- I swear cheapo - I will throw in the river !   Smiley Surprised   lol 


So - Do I need to change my plans to spray today ???? Smiley Happy

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