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wo is all I can say

I just wanted your numbers explained better, I didn't ask for the attitude and drama. Seems like you have buck on your mind too much. I have read him for years and he can be surly but he has always been honost and a stand up guy. So please tone it down.
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Re: wo is all I can say

Hey johndoe while I agree with you that MT was kind of rude. I disagree that his numbers aren't  well explained. Like he said if you don't agree with his numbers look them up yourself. BTW reading between the lines I think you are just trying to get under his skin andmaybe you deserve his rudeness if that is the case.

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Re: wo is all I can say

The smell of burning feathers from central mizzou last night__ well a little attitude was expected. Tigers haven't enjoyed many bb wins In recent memory.
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