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ray h.
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wrong forum but I want you guys oppinion!

      I have a 4455 MFWD for sale. An absolute jewel but higher hrs. (7963hrs.) This tractor has had it easy all of its life,bailing,snow plow,flail,grain drill.Its in emaculate condition,apears new to look at both inside and out,and also functions like new,Original rubber at 33% 18.4-42 rears on singals,15 speed power shift which is the smoothest tractor I have ever run. I want 48K doe's this seem high enough?

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Re: wrong forum but I want you guys oppinion!

   5 years ago similar but lower houred tractors were going for 39K.  The local Deere dealer says to expect an engine rebuild at 8K hours.  If I was looking at your tractor to buy I would be thinking that it's a 56K dollar tractor.  Personally I would be skittish about such a high houred tractor.  It seems a large number of high houred tractors are on the used market.  I'm sure the increase in value is part of it but I also wonder if people are selling them before something goes wrong and they are stuck with the repairs themselves.

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Re: wrong forum but I want you guys oppinion!

Look on tractorhouse and see what you're up against. It would take a pretty good sales pitch, but maybe.

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Re: wrong forum but I want you guys oppinion!

It's up to you Ray and how good a salesman you are. I suspect you will have a hard time getting potential buyers there at a premium price especially with that many hours.


I sold a really nice boat one time but couldn't get any lookers at the price I had advertised. Lower the price to $6K and had it sold imediately.


Ps I don't know anything about your tractor value.

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