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you know your profile is full

when 35/100 that came over 8 hours stands water




on a different note, where is the dollar headed?


oil seems to have fought off the $20-$30 urge, the dollar seemed to hit a wall at 100, is corn and soya ready to turn the corner?



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Re: you know your profile is full

Tiger, here's a chart that Cory Bratland with Kluis Commodities sent out this morning. Here are Cory's comments, too. Basically, we're a few points away from hitting a key support level for the grains. Reckon we can get there soon? 


"This is the weekly US Dollar Index candlestick chart. From the low back during the week of December 15th, the US Dollar rallied 12.77 points to a high of 100.39. From this rally the market has been is a downtrend and so far this week we have broken through the 50% retracement of 94.00. If we close below this level next are of support is 92.50 which is 62% retracement and then ultimately the low we had back in the week of December 15th at 87.63. If the US Dollar would happen to break lower to 87.63, this would be very positive to US grains."



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