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Ace Drone Services Agriculture

ACE Drone Services LLC. is a fully insured business that has the capability to to utilize a Drone for many Spraying Applications. The Agricultural Drones that the business uses are the most advanced UAS in the industry provided by HSE – UAV Drones. These Drones are capable of Spraying 15 to 33 Acres an hour with up to a 16 foot Spray pattern. The Spraying Drones are utilized for Crop, Orchard, Vineyards, Sod farms, Athletic Fields, Residential, Parks. Rivers, Steams, Ponds, Golf Courses, Hops Fields, Hemp Fields, plus Mosquitoes, Fleas, Ticks, and Tent Worms. ACE Drone Services LLC. If you are looking for higher Revenue, less chemical utilization, no crop damage, Crop analysis utilizing a multispectural camera and want to control mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, Tent worms and many more annoying pests give ACE Drone Services a call or contact them through the website for all your spraying needs. If you want a Demo don’t hesitate to reach out ACE Drone Services is always looking for ways to show how our equipment works.


What We Do

  • ACE Drone Services Provides businesses with Aerial Imaging, Inspections for Construction, Oil and Gas Line Inspections, Wind Farm inspections, Solar Inspections, Powerline Inspections, Bridge Inspections, Infrastructure Inspections, Roof Inspections, Railroad Inspections, and Confined Space Inspections.
  • ACE Drone Services provides farmers with Spraying, Multispectral Analysis and crop counting.
  • ACE Drone performs mapping with Lidar and utilizing Pix4D programs and utilizing RTK technology proving measurements within centimeters
  • ACE Drone Services provides services for First Responders in Chemical analysis, Fire Analysis, Search and Rescue, Water Rescue and more. Services, Repairs, FAA Part 107 Courses,
  • Ace Drone Services Provides FAA Part 107 Training, offering a 3- and 5-day class both Day and Night course available.
  • ACE Drone Services utilizes Thermal Imaging and 4K images to many Businesses.
  • ACE Drone Services performs Weddings with Live Stream capability and images and video of Weddings.
  • ACE Drone Services has the capability to Spray for Gypsy Moth, Spray for Mosquitoes, Spray for Fleas and Ticks
  • ACE Drone Services Sells and Repairs drones for hobbyist, Part 107 Licensed Pilots, Businesses and First Responders.
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