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Auto-Steer And Boom Control

Yesterday I had my first operation with my new sprayer setup.

I put AgLeader OmniTrac2 on my 1855 Oliver, mounted an Integra screen and put the section controls on the Hardi sprayer.  Then I set out to see what I did or didn't know.

I had already run outside and inside boundaries on the field.  When I started spraying, I outline every boundary with spray, steering manually.  Then I took off across the field  and started logging.  On the return run I was able to use auto-steer and did from thence forward.  I sprayed at 8 mph, about what I usually run. 

By and large, I'm happy with what transpired, but I have a lot of learning to do.  I found out that if I didn't have the outline spray pass cover the boundary line and therefore left a tiny gap , the sprayer would turn on for an instant between the outline spray and the boundary line.  So, I did some manual boom control to make sure it didn't turn on at the wrong time, but this is something that I can fix as I learn more.

I like it that at the ends, I turn off the auto-steer, start the corn, turn auto-steer back on and it picks up the return line.  I don't have to shut off the sprayer because it shuts itself off when it hits the spray pass I made around the field.  Nice. 

I don't have enough experience yet to say much except that I'm not sorry I have it.   I do know that I still have a lot to learn.

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