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COA UAS Ceiling Now 400 Feet

The FAA has raised the blanked ceiling for UAS (drones) flying under a Certificate Of Authorization (COA).  If you are using a UAS to scout your crops, you have to be on a COA.  You can not use your hobby UAS for commercial purposes without a COA.


The COA altitude limit is now 400 feet above ground level (AGL) with exceptions for cities and other areas the FAA continues to restrict.


"Under the blanket COA, the FAA will permit flights at or below 400 feet for UAS operators with a Section 333 exemption for aircraft weighing less than 55 pounds and for government UAS operations. Operators must fly under daytime Visual Flight Rules, keep the UAS within visual line of sight of the pilot and stay certain distances away from airports or heliports:
Five nautical miles (NM) from an airport having an operational control tower; or
Three NM from an airport with a published instrument flight procedure, but not an operational tower; or
Two NM from an airport without a published instrument flight procedure or an operational tower; or
Two NM from a heliport with a published instrument flight procedure."



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