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Re: Case IH Trimbel fm 750 guidance

One of the reasons we traded the 7120 for the MX275 was autosteer.  I told the salesman I didn't know WAAS from wishing, but here is what I needed: Because we plant seed corn we may have 3 passes down the same rows.  I want to have the rows within an inch or so of being in the same place every pass.  It was going to cost too much to make it work in the old Magnum, where the 275 is pretty much plug and play. We went with the Case branded Trimble 750 with RTX


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Yes, I have an annual subscription which is way too much money, but I'll pay it because it works.


We had an issue getting started this year (somehow my renewal didn't register), and son in law planted some commercial corn with WAAS.  It works, but it is not repeatable like RTX. I don't think we could come back in 2 days then come back 2 days after that and get everything where it belongs.