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Senior Advisor

Cheap rtk/gps

Well I've been thinking about

Communing into the 21 century..

Everywhere I talk to, rtk is

Minium of $15,000.

I am not going to pay that.

So did some snooping....

In europe they dont have the

Big companies telling them

They are wrong...

For a basic get a tablet,

A $60 annual app fee, and a garman glo unit...less than $100.

The garman is used in the aviation

Industry. want full option,

Field bee....a base rtk reciver, then

Reciever on tractor....a tablet...and

A little bit for the annual app.

Less than $3000 complete.

Another option...a company makes get a

On the tripod...the other on the

Tractor....add software and tablet..

Each reciever about $900.


The only thing is something to add

Correction  for side hills.

Ok...all the jd, agleader, raven, 

Salesmen will have a hayday with

This....but sure are alot of people

In europe using it.


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