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Senior Advisor

Current UAS Concerns And Issues

The week-long AirVenture Airshow held annually in Oshkosh, WI, is one of the world's biggest aviation events.  In recent years and especially this year, unmanned aircraft operations have been more and more featured.  Here are some of the issues raised at AirVenture.

*Many new UA operators are not familiar with the FAA role and responsibilities and don't know the rules

*Some UA operators ignore the rules

*There are an increasing number of reports of UA flying very near commercial airliners taking off and landing at busy airports.  This causes concern by the public and officials for the safety of flight operations

*Homeland Security is recognizing the capability of UA to be used as terror weapons

*Individual citizens are concerned about privacy and surveillance

*Public offices want to use UA but are worried about how to use them legally

*UAS equipment is often untested and the accuracy and reliability of GPS, cell phones, controllers and other equipment to function as needed is not know to a high degree of surety.

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