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Re: Data Questions from a College Student

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At Farmers Business Network, we have been helping growers create the correlations you are looking to do, but on a large scale. 


FBN Members' data is aggregated anonymously and growers benefit by having correlations against millions of acres instead of their operation alone. This provides deeper understanding to how a hybrid performs based on your similar practices (irrigation, drainage, tilliage, traits, etc.), similar environment (rainfall, temperature, etc.), and similar soil types. You can even do seed variety benchmarking and correlation against the the entire FBN network, your state, your county, and even within your region. What used to take years to make decisions can be done in a matter of minutes with our simple and intuitive website application.


I understand the caution for not sharing data and wanted to share that since FBN is an independent and unbiased (not backed by any color of iron, seed, chemical company, etc.), our data and privacy policies in favor of the farmer. Your data is your data.


You might be interested in this video from a farmer who has benefitted from basing farm decisions on these correlations without losing control of his data