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Data Questions from a College Student

Hello again,


This post is a continuation of another I just submitted (see Technology Questions from a College Student). Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!



  1. We're learning a lot about all the data that machines can now collect. Do you have "Smart Machines?" How do you analyze the data that comes in from these machines? And when? What tools do you use to do this?
  2. Do any of the tools you use create "data images"? What types of images are helpful? How do you use these images? What decisions do they help you make?
  3. Do you ever compare any of the images to each other, like soil types, crop growth stages or applications? Do you ever layer them on top of each other? Why? How many images do you compare at a time?
  4. Does the way you analyze data change for different fields? Do you use different images for different fields? Why?