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Decipher - Precision Ag Tool (With iOS and Android App) - Free

Hi all,


I’ve been very lucky to work with a great team to design and launch Decipher (, an agtech startup based in Perth, Western Australia.


It is a precision agriculture tool which allows you to see satellite Biomass (NDVI) imagery and insights for your farm, and understand your farm using information you can’t see with just your eyes.

With the Biomass imagery, we use the Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) to show the intensity of greenness of your crop, you can track changes, variability and trends in your paddock’s growth performance, and use this knowledge to make better farming decisions.


The tool works on desktop, tablet and mobile.

It also comes with app on your phone as well.

App Store -

Google Play -


Feel free to try it out - it is free!


Thank you.