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Senior Advisor

FAA Cracking Down on sUAS

Two media stories relate with some indignation that the FAA is cracking down on use of sUAS A.K.A. drones for commercial uses.


In one case, a would-be aerial photographer advertised services and got an FAA telephone call telling him to take down his web site.


An sUAS flier who posted his pictures on You Tube and had a way to get money from the posts (although he says he didn't accept any money) was sent a cease-and-desist letter.


There is considerable indignation expressed by lawyers represnting these two sUAS operators.  Pilots wll not be surprised at all tat the FAA tactics and will find it interesting to see if the FAA can prevail in court.


In one case, a complaint led to the FAA action.  It seems that if you want to fly your sUAS, it pays to not make anyone mad enough to rat you out.

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