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FAA Fines UAS Operator $10,000

Reportedly for the first time, the FAA has levied a $10,000 fine on an operator of a 4 1/2 pound styrafoam glider because the FAA claims he was using it for commercial purposes.


The subject, Raphael Pirker,  seems like quite a character.  Some have said that UAS will be like CB radios - there will be so many that the governmenet will just give up.  Maybe 40 years ago.  In today's day and age when the NSA knows everthing, the government may simply have a judge put a lien on your property or attach your salary.  This is administrative law, not criminal law.  There's not so much due process.


Among the violations cited was CFR 91.13, Careless And Reckless, which is a catch-all that the FAA will throw at anyone they suspect of not doing what they're told.

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