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FAA Grounds University UAS

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The FAA told the Universities of Missouri and Nebraska to quit flying UAS outdoors until they gey proper authorization.  The FAA sayed they could not fly the UAS under radio controlled model airplane rules.


"ased on your university website, you are currently operating an (unmanned aircraft system) without proper authorization," the agency wrote in a letter dated July 10. "Operations of this kind may be in violation of the federal aviation regulations and result in legal enforcement action."

FAA spokeswoman Elizabeth Cory called the notice sent to Missouri and Nebraska "very straightforward."

"They have to comply with the same rules as everyone else," she said

Under amateur rules, unmanned aircraft must stay under 400 feet and conduct flights away from populated areas. The more restrictive rules would require the university to designate a smaller area of up to two square miles while providing proof of the airworthiness of each vehicle, Pham said."


Farmers shouldn't expect any more favorable treatment by the FAA, since their use of UAS for crop scouting is clearly a commercial activitiy.



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