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FAA To Publish UAS Rules Within A Year

In Congressional testimony on th 18th of June, the FAA indicates it plans to release rules on unmanned airplane systems within a year.  Testimony at the hearing included discussion of privacy, safety, and definition of government responsibility.

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Re: FAA To Publish UAS Rules Within A Year

While I wpuld like to believe safety is a concern, history tells us it's nkt as much of one as we would probably like.

Safety, given the idiots who fly them in occupied airspace ( if that is the right term), and the fiascos with the White House security, should trump every other concern.

I don't see where snyone really needs a drone, given the other sources of aerial views. I can see every detail in our yards on Googke Earth.

I know that isn't real time imaging, but it is updated pretty often, so serves most land management issues. We have managed this far along without them.
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