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FAA UAS (drones) Policy Leaked

A document mistakenly posted on the internet for only minutes was copied and is now being widely disseminated.

It appears to make commercial use of UAS relatively easy and cheap.

The FAA will require each UAS to be marked and registered.  The operator will have to take a knowledge test at a specified site.  TSA must be given proof of who the operator is.  

The FAA thinks initial costs will be about $300 per operator.

Look for considerable discussion and development of this topic starting Sunday, 15 February.

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Senior Advisor

Proposed Rule Making

Here is the 195 page FAA proposed rule making.  Everyone is invited to offer comments and suggestions.


Parts of it are full of arcane FAA verbiage, but it also gives a pretty direct list of what will be required to legally operate a small unamanned airplane system (sUAS).


There are many details to be published and many interpretations to be made.  

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