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Hi pcorn1259562Leaf is a new business intelligence system for farms. You will be able to effortlessly track everything that is happening on your farm including planting dates!


Leaf collects, interprets, and organizes your operating data in order to help you:

  1. Gain insights
  2. Validate decisions through data
  3. Drive accountability


We know that plans change frequently, so we designed a system that does not rely on work orders or operator input. Instead, our system identifies operations automatically.


Real-time progress

Our mobile application utilizes IoT and iOS devices to automatically collect and send data, meaning you get second by second insight into ongoing operations on your farm.


Complete history

Our system generates a complete record of equipment-based activity. Complete means more than planting, seeding and harvest. Leaf also tracks tillage, manure, and more.


Second-by-second detail

Our software will tell you exactly how much time was spent actively operating, traveling to the field, and stationary during each operation.


Inputs (and Outputs)

Leaf is most powerful when combined with data from MyJohnDeere’s JDLink and Operations Center. Equipment specific fuel and idle time become automatically allocated crop and field inputs. Application, Seeding and Harvest results can be analyzed within the context of a season.


A MyJohnDeere integrated Leaf system provides unparalleled insight into operations and inputs including:

  • Equipment (including fuel and idle time)
  • Labor
  • Seeding
  • Application
  • Harvest

We then organize the data and run custom analytics. 


Learn more at or email directly me at!


Rebecca Armenta

Product Manager | Agrarian Labs, LLC

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