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Fm 750 w/ RTX not staying on line

Trying to mark some new fence lines.
Have a FM750 with RTX
stop and set a flag under the globe at intervals as I go across the field.

Overlap / skip is set to 0
Left right offset is set to 0
implement drift set to 0
have implement width set to 20 ft to use multiples of that to measure to one side of the a/b line. I want the new line an exact multiple of 20 feet from the original ab line.

monitor 1.17

Set the flags, then go back and check and sometimes it is on the same line and some times it is off by 3 feet or more, but more often, off 3 inches to one foot. seems to be different driving down the line one way and the other.

I have measured over 20 lines with a tape measure and had it off about 1 foot.

Also if I back up a few inches it jumps way off.

Is there some other setting that I need to check. What settings do I need to set so that I am sure it is measuring the position of the antenna, and not some other point.

What do I check to make sure the RTX is working.

Positions do not change while sitting still. If it says off 1 inch, it stays saying it is off 1 inch or within less than an inch each way.

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